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Who are the Wix SEO Lovers?

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

If you’re reading this because Wix shared our site on your newsfeed, or you want to learn who is giving you advice on optimizing your site, you might be wondering who the Wix SEO Lovers are.

When the competition surfaced, we thought this would be a unique opportunity for our team of eight. What do we have to lose? Our team likes to look for ways to grow our wealth of knowledge and this competition seemed like a good conduit.

We are based out of Canada’s capital city; Ottawa, and work in Canada’s largest tech park. The team is comprised of Marie, MHC’s founder, and seven other team members each with a unique background and skill set. Everyday we sit around two tables, sharing insight, news and the occasional gif. We work hard to be leaders in the industry and follow Marie’s footsteps in being recognized for our efforts.

To see a multimillion dollar company like Wix take interest in us, is quite the story. Marie herself has only been in the industry for a short time, having studied and worked as a veterinarian for several years. It wasn’t until she was ill and bedridden that she stumbled upon forums of people needing help with Google penalties. Her quick mind and eagerness to help led her to begin consulting, and years later MHC was born.

As the newest and frankly noobiest member of the team, I sit around in awe with the depth of my coworkers’ knowledge. Essentially, this is me most days:

So it was not a surprise to me that Wix would be interested in our team. We have Dylan, who is a rockstar with manual penalty removals. Cass and Callum who are heading to Bali this fall to give their own talk on the QRGs. Alec, who audits and runs our website while operating his own business. Matt who puts together the majority our newsletter while auditing. Andrew running the link auditing and meme world. And then theres me, our social media and in house editor.

One by one, we make up MHC, a team looking forward to sharing this journey with all of you. Follow along with us on here and on social media where we will keep you updated with the competition and what we learn along the way.

Summar Bourada

Summar Bourada was born and raised in Ottawa before completing her undergraduate degree at Queen’s University. After spending a few years working, Summar knew she wanted to return to school and enrolled at Algonquin College in the Public Relations program. Summar loves learning new business strategy and how SEO specifically can help businesses succeed.

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