• Summar Bourada

Initial thoughts on Wix

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

There was definitely some skepticism when looking into optimizing a Wix site. We hear constantly from SEOs or developers how they have struggled with the platform when trying to rank. My job, as the SEO noob in comparison to my coworkers, was to help build the site and get a feel for how it compared to other website builders. My initial thought: Wix has come a long way and definitely made some great changes to try and improve the Wix SEO capabilities.

When playing around with it, building the site and pages is extremely easy. They have a modern and simple feel, not making it overwhelming to build a site from scratch. If you’re familiar with Adobe suites, there are a lot of similarities including ease at moving page content, shift selecting command, snap guides etc. From what I have initially noticed, Wix definitely makes it easy for you to build a website with so many tools easily discoverable in the menu bar.

Now, I am not a website developer or SEO, so I am writing from the point of view of an ordinary user, not an expert. From an SEO perspective, it seems pretty obvious they want to help you optimize for ranking. They give you a cool snapshot of what your site will look like in the SERPs, how to change your alt tags, meta tags, structured data, canonical url, meta description etc., all by clicking a button labeled “SEO”. There is also the option to link internally or externally with every piece of content you add.

Optimizing for mobile is also made super simple. You can change views to see what your site will look like on mobile and make any adjustments as necessary. However, it does automatically optimize for mobile regardless.

Another cool tool I found was the social share, which lets you add your images that will appear on social media so you can see a preview of what your post would look like.

Their apps function lets you add tons of cool apps that act as plugins to your site letting you accomplish certain things like, adding comments or Facebook likes, super easy. In my opinion, they make it pretty simple for the average person to create a really cool site, and do a lot of the work for you.

Summar Bourada

Summar Bourada was born and raised in Ottawa before completing her undergraduate degree at Queen’s University. After spending a few years working, Summar knew she wanted to return to school and enrolled at Algonquin College in the Public Relations program. Summar loves learning new business strategy and how SEO specifically can help businesses succeed.

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